A Club for YL Ham Radio Operators

Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

(but all YLs are always welcome*)

A Message from the MINOWnet President

Hello MINOWnet YLs. It's summer and Covid is beginning to lift. How nice for all of us. As I go shopping, I see fewer and fewer masks. I think everyone is enjoying that new found freedom. It's funny though, the one thing I hear from so many people, and experienced myself, is how much money they (and I) saved! I saved on gas, clothes, food, eating out, and wear and tear on my car. It's been really interesting how many others have said the same thing to me. That's been a good thing! Now as I want to start doing POTA, I have the extra $$$ to get a rig and antenna!

The Board is going to meet regularly and make some plans for this year. One of which is Field Day 2021 (which is coming up this coming weekend, June 26-27!) As you all know you can make contacts from home or your club location. If you are planning on participating plan on getting on the radio at 2:30pm Pacific Time or 2130 UTC on frequency 14.310 and let's see how many of us MINOWnet YLs can make contact! Margaret, AE7MB, will be Net Control and CJ, K7CJS, will assist Margaret monitoring the frequencies at that time. So, let's meet on HF! I, for one, plan on checking in.

We soon will have an online location to buy MINOWnet SWAG! Linda, KJ7WVO, is setting us up with a website for buying mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, magnets, etc. So those of you that are interested keep checking the website for more information. Whatever you buy, a percentage will come back to the club. It's another way of raising funds to advance our club.

You will also be getting a survey that we are taking to find out what your opinions are about MINOWnet and what you think we can do to make the club a better one yet. Please respond to the survey, we really want to know your opinions. We are going to be working hard to grow our club into something that we can be even more proud of.

These plans are just the beginning of us working to have more involvement throughout the MINOWnet states. You will be hearing from me more often with what we are working on.

Thank you for your support and your energies in promoting MINOWnet.

Marilyn, AF7MM, President

UTC Time

Callsign Lookup


Thursday 7:30pm

Pacific Time

ALARA Echolink
Conference node (286905)

Friday 9:30am

Pacific Time

14.310 or 14.288 if 14.310 is busy

Web Mistress

CJ – webmistress@minownet.org

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