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Balcony Mounted BuddiStick Antenna

Carol KP4MD/P in Puerto Rico

Carol's PR Set-up

* BuddiStick Antenna

* Jaws Clamp

* Elecraft KX3 QRP Transceiver

* Elecraft 100-watt KXPA100 Amplifier

* We do not endorse any of these products or source links. We only provide this information to assist you in your research of the product's that Carol used.

You can reach Carol at kp4md@arrl.net

You can reach Carol at kp4md@arrl.net

Please send comments for this website to: K7CJS@arrl.net

Here in Puerto Rico, our KP4MD/P station is an Elecraft KX3 QRP transceiver driving a 100 watt KXPA100 amplifier. The entire station fits in a roller bag for easy carry-on during air travel. Our only antenna space is the 12 foot balcony on our studio apartment, so we use a portable Buddistick vertical antenna clamped onto the balcony rail.

The video shows why such a simple station with a shortened 1/4 wave vertical antenna gets out so well.
The antenna has an excellent counterpoise and is almost 100 feet above the ground on the eighth floor of this condo. The clear line of sight to the horizon over the ocean provides a nearly perfect reflector for ionospheric radio waves offering 3 dB signal enhancement. This is a dream location for budget DX operating.

~ Carol Milazzo, KP4MD – Summer 2018

Set up  Sunset