How to do Net Control

When you start getting active on one of our Nets (Echolink on Thursday nights; HF on Friday morning), you might want to try being Net Control…or at least think about it. Here's the Preamble we use on our two nets:

Thursday Night Net Preamble

Friday Morning Net Preamble

Make an Elevation Map

When you want to talk to someone on your radio, do you know what might be in the way? This tutorial will tell you how to generate an elevation map to show what might be between you and your QSO.


CHIRP is a free tool for programming the channels on your amateur radio. It supports most brands and both mobile and handheld radios. It works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, the latest version of Mac OS X, and Linux.

Tx from Puerto Rico Balcony

Carol KP4MD/W6S, a MINOW member, shows us her set-up on her eighth story balcony in Puerto Rico. Carol was able to reach our Friday morning MINOW Net.

Zero Beat - What does that mean?

In the MINOW preamble is the phrase “please zero beat this frequency”. I was asked what exactly that means. Well, I had the same question several years ago and asked my OM. However, I don’t remember his explanation, so I went to the internet.

OK, that really doesn’t help too much. So I went to Google and found the following “conversation”...(more)


Thursday 7:30pm

ALARA Echolink
Conference node (286905)

Friday 8:30am

Freq. 3.812


Margaret – AE7MB@arrl.net


Vanessa – ke7ubb@yahoo.com
Marilyn – AF7MM19@gmail.com
Margaret – AE7MB@arrl.net

Web Mistress

CJ – webmistress@minownet.org