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In September, 1962, Bobbie Wilson, K7RAM, contacted several of the YL’s on 75M and asked them if they would like to have a Northwest YL Net. The response was enthusiastic! Each girl Bobbie contacted passed the word along to other girls, and on September 28, 1962, the “get acquainted” session attracted * YLs. We found we had much in common besides amateur radio – children in the same age bracket, musical families and liking for good books. In subsequent sessions each Friday at 1600Z for the “Early Birds” and 1700Z for the girls in MST, the Net attacted as many as * check-ins. All together a total of * Northwest YL’s have checked in during the first year.

As the idea for a formal net caught fire, we faced the problem of organization. Under the able direction of Bobbie, K7RAM, the following basic organization came into being.

*Number of members were not entered in original text.


To coordinate committees; to render assistance to committee chairmen if requested to do so. Chairman is to work with Chairman of Operations Committee on matters requiring action by both committees.


To investigate other YL amateur radio clubs whose problems are similar to ours. To prepare a Constitution that is as fair to all net members as possible, but must be practical.


To investigate other YL amateur ration clubs whose problems are similar to ours. To prepare club for actual operation.

Estimate cost of running club (membership cards, ballots, stamps, etc.) and to arrive at a sensible membership dues.
To set a method and timetable (tentative) for operations of the board as to signing up members, nominating committee, balloting and installation of offices.


To investigate whether or not more nets are needed, if so, what day, time, frequency, mode would best serve members.

K7RAM was unanimously accorded the responsibility of Chairman of the Board and she appointed the following committees, all of whom agreed to serve:

Constitution Committee:
K7KSF – Phyllis, Chm.
K7OFX – Pat
K7PVG – Frieda

Operations Committee:
K7RBE – Velda, Chm.
K7CLV – Pauline
K7NOB – Gwen
K7RBC – Mary


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It's only $1 a year after a $5 initiation fee to become a member, get our newsletter and help suport our website. Contact Margaret at AE7MB@arrl.net. You do not have to live in our five states to become a member but members of those states are the only voting members.
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