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Azimuthal Map

Azimuth Map

Make your own Azimuthal Map for any location, anywhere. Just go to this Azimuth Map Maker and fill out the form.

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Help Wanted

We could sure us some more hints, tips, tricks, cheatsheets or anything else that would be appropriate to this page. You don't need to make it fancy as it get redone for the website. Even if it's just an address to an site with some good tools for us YLs.

Please forward anything you might have to K7CJS@arrl.net - Thanks!!

County Hunting

County hunting is working all 3077 counties within the United States. The award for working all counties is the United States of America Counties Award (USA-CA), and is maintained by CQ Magazine.

Do Not Disturb Sign

Do Not Disturb Sign

Print out your own 8" x 10" sign to put in your window or on your ham shack door.

Handy Cheat Sheet

Handy Cheat Sheet

Print out this handy cheat sheet with most Q code definitions, a list of bands and their frequencies and the phonetic alphabet.

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