A Club for YL Ham Radio Operators

Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

(but all YLs are always welcome*)

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Contact CJ at cj@cjstevens.com

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It's only $5 a year fee to become a member, get our newsletter and help suport our website. Contact Margaret at info@minownet.org. You do not have to live in our five states to become a member but members of those states are the only voting members.
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We are always looking to improve our website so welcome all comments, good and bad.
If you have any suggestions you would like to see, such as a tutorial on a subject or an article please send an email to webmistress@minownet.org.

If you would like to submit an article or tutorial please send it to our webmistress and she will get back to you.


Tent Biz Card

UTC Time

Callsign Lookup


Thursday 7:30pm

Pacific Time

ALARA Echolink
Conference node (286905)

Friday 9:30am

Pacific Time

14.310 or 14.288 if 14.310 is busy

Web Mistress

CJ – info@minownet.org

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