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Autumn 2017

From The President


Thank you, Past President Robin Resnick for all you've done for the MINOW NET. We first met at the Annual MINOW's meeting at your house, after I was invited by Barbara Yasson, Margaret Hardwick, and Marilyn Melhorn to attend. We all had so much fun talking and getting to know one another on that beautiful sunny day in May of 2015. There were MINOW's from Alaska, Oregon, Washington and some from elsewhere who had moved; and I can't remember which state, maybe California. I decided to join the group and become a member that day and here I am, the President for 2017 - 2019.

Marilyn and I have been working on tri-fold ideas and I will send the draft when it's ready for viewing. We can all review the draft and share comments in the decision-making process. It's a big step to be able to offer an informational tri-fold and website to persons interested in the MINOW NET club. They will have something in writing with pictures to answer their questions that they can refer to. We still have our cute cup coasters available. I know when I go to a booth at SEA-PAC, or other event, and ask for information it tends to dissipate with all the distractions and fun. If it's not written down my head loses it.

Any suggestions are welcome for consideration and I want to know your thoughts on growing our membership and recognition as a club.

Barbara Yasson, Margaret Hardwick, Marilyn Melhorn and I missed you at the luncheon at Applebee's in Vancouver, WA on September 9. I know it was too far for many of you to come and you were in our thoughts. Hopefully, you were able to touch base in each of your areas and have lunch or coffee with Ham friends.

Best of all,
Vanessa McCoy, KE7UBB
President MINOW NET

MINOW Luncheon

The autumn MINOW luncheon was held at Applebee's in the Hazel Dell neighborhood of Vancouver on September 9th. Vanessa McCoy/KE7UBB, Marilyn Melhorn/AF7BI, and Margaret Hardwick/AE7MB were in attendance. We had a lovely lunch and a lively discussion, but wished that more members had attended.

Messages From Our Members

Marietje, ZS6CEZ, who hails from South Africa, writes:

It was a very difficult year for our family.
I lost my one nephew through cancer and he was in his early thirties.
I lost a cussin in August and my sister was very ill for six months and died on the 12 September. Abra is still looking after me specilly with my sister's illness.
We turn into summer so nice and warm about 78F here so it will get hotter.
Keep well.

Rose, KL7FQQ, tells us that:

I have had a very busy summer. My second book, Mining for Alaskan Adventures, volumes 1 and 2 has been published, and I've been busy with book signings and promotions. It is available on Amazon. Plus, I'm having an addition built onto my house. I just returned from attending the Pioneers of Alaska Convention in Anchorage, and had a great time. I will be leaving Alaska on October 8, for my winter home in Texas. Fortunately, Harvey bypassed my place, but it was awfully ornery to many folks in the Houston area. I have really enjoyed my great grandchildren, Hazel age 2 and Brooks 4 months. It has been a whirlwind summer, but very enjoyable. Rose KL7FQQ

Margaret, AE7MB, writes:

I was invited to the CLARA 50th Birthday Bash in Winnipeg this summer. I had a wonderful time and met a lot of ladies that I've been talking to for the last few years. One of the discussions that we had was about how to recruit and retain YLs in the hobby and in our clubs. A summary of the discussion is on Page.

Robin, KJ7BI, writes:

My activities are much the same as they have been for months: juggling time between being with Stephen at the rehab facility and taking care of the house, yard, bills and food shopping. On Saturday, 9/30, I'm flying East to see my friend and his son for a week! This trip was arranged long before Stephen's accident. At first he didn't want me to go, but he changed his "tune" about mid- August. I'm glad he did, as it makes my journey much easier. Also, I'm thinking of returning to my volunteer at "Our House" the week after I get home.
Life happens with or without me and I think Stephen and I are ready for me to return to it!

Dia, KL0HI, writes:

Hello MINOWS, Hope your summer is starting well, we have made our annual trip North home to Council, Alaska. We started out the 26th of May. First was to deliver a Sourdough start to a friend in Vancouver, WA at a Casino, then Marilyn AF7BI had asked me to stop by a exit off I-5 to pick up something she had for me. Well, I thought I had left something at MINOW meeting but couldn't think of what it could be….so we meet her and she has a great home made batch of her special lemon dream bars (that's what I call them) sure did enjoy them up Alaska Way. Thanks so much again Marilyn…...then on to Anacortes to Sister and Brother in-laws for night. Off again the 27th thru border at Sumas, WA, up to Quesnel, BC. The 28th we drove up to Dease Lake, YT, then on to Destruction Bay on beautiful Lake Kluane and spent night The 29th. Crossed US border about noon and on into Fairbanks about 4PM the 30th. Only one moose tried to get us by running right in front of us but good breaks and OM driving saved us from collision. Lots of black bear but only one Grizzly and 3 cubs outside of Haines Junction.
Had a good time up in Vancouver for the Annual MINOW meeting, nice to visit with YL's.

Handing over the gavel

Picture of Robin handing over Gavel to New President Vanessa.

MINOW Meeting Minutes May 5, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Robin, KJ7BI, at 1:51 pm at Barbara Yasson’s home.


Marilyn Melhorn, AF7BI
Robin Resnick, KJ7BI
Barbara Yasson, AC7UH
Nicole Crosby, N7XBY

Barbara welcomed the attendees.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
A moment of silence was held for all silent keys.


President: Robin asked CJ, our newest member, to introduce herself. CJ got into Amateur Radio because there were no hams in the CERT team she joined. She is now a member of ARES. She and Skye are neighbors and she mentored Skye while she was studying for her Technician license.

Vice President: Barbara reported that the box with MINOW history including lots of pictures is gone. She believes that when the MINOW, who was the VP before Barbara, died her relatives threw the box out, not realizing its value to us.
Barbara also reported on the election. 10 of the 18 eligible members voted and unanimously elected Vanessa as President, Marilyn as Vice-President, and Margaret as Secretary-Treasurer.

Secretary/Treasurer: Margaret distributed the minutes from the last meeting and asked that they be approved. Barbara moved that they be approved as written and Robin seconded the motion. The motion carried unani-mously.
Margaret distributed the current Financial Report. We have $404.47 in the checking account and $132.21 in the savings account. This is an increase of $23.84 over last year. Barbara moved that it be approved as written and Robin seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Sunshine Chair: No report.

Certificate Custodian: Robin reported no activity. Marilyn asked about the requirements for the certificate and a discussion ensued. It appears that several people may have qualified for the MINOW Net Certificate and can submit their information to Robin.

Badgemaker: Claudia is current with making badges for all members.

Webmistress: Elizabeth contacted Robin and explained that she had not had time last year to work on the web-site, but should be able to work on it this year. Robin will contact Elizabeth to see how she is proceeding.

Membership: Margaret reported that we dropped 4 members last year, who were delinquent in their dues and did not respond to her inquiries about their intention to remain in the group.

Nets: Margaret reported that the Echolink net on Thursday evening is becoming quite active with three to four MINOWs and an equal number of YLs from other areas participating. The Friday morning net is usually just Sara and her.

Communications: There were no communications.

Old Business: Marilyn presented us with a replacement YLRL Affiliated Clubs certificate to replace the one that was lost when Phyllis died.

Business: Nicole asked about how to proceed with outreach to younger women. A long discussion ensued regarding what is appropriate and how she should proceed.
CJ asked about our presence on the World Wide Web. She suggested that we should choose a domain name for our web page, if one hasn't been reserved already. After much discussion our first choice is MINOWNET.ORG.
Vanessa suggested that we should meet more than once per year. We used to get together several times a year for lunch, but that was dropped a while ago. Marilyn suggested that we get together for lunch on September 9 at a place to be determined later.

Handing over the gavel: Robin handed the gavel and President's pin to Vanessa at 4:20 pm.

Next Year's Invitation: The 2018 Annual Meeting will be at Margaret's house on May 5, 2018.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 pm so that we could make our 5:00 pm dinner reservations.
After dinner we returned to Barbara's home for our gift exchange and silent auction. The silent auction netted $76.00 for our treasury.

Respectfully submitted by Margaret, AE7MB

MINOW Website

Thanks to CJ, our MINOW website is finally up and functional.

Our website is www.minownet.org

You are encouraged to browse the content and make suggestions for any additional articles you think would be of interest to other YLs. If you would be willing to write an article that would be excellent. CJ's contact information is on the first page of our website.

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